Staying Home (COVID-19)

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Part of me believes it is total B.S. for the country to be shut down due to a virus and that I have to stay home!!! On the other hand, another part of me believes that I am not sure I want to go out of the safety of my home at this time. There seems to be a polarity between the bold me and cautious me.


Which part is correct? Maybe both are, and the path forward is about coming home to our deep inner connection to source.

What is source?
Why should I be connected to it?
How will staying home enable me to connect to source?

Maybe, I am one of those people who find connection to source when I am out in nature. How am I supposed to connect if I am stuck somewhere I do not want to be stuck?

I have all of these questions bouncing around inside of me. Learning how to stay home was very important for me to find a deep inner connection, inner peace and harmony. However, it is not just staying home physically, but also metaphorically. In other words, not allowing my attention to escape from my focused awareness here and now.

Maintaining my focus here and now: deeply listening to someone, hearing every word and not thinking about something else or how I may want to respond. Another way is to only think about one thing at a time.

While writing this post, my mind attempted to leave several times, and I gently kept it here focused on writing this.
Sometimes, my consciousness sees an emotional squirrel, not a mental one, which means that something triggers a feeling. So, instead of staying focused on the here and now, I get caught up in that feeling. For example, the pandemic sometimes feels scary to me. Fear for me can sometimes trigger feelings or even flashbacks to past trauma. So, instead of being here and now where I am safe at home with my husband, in my feeling body, I feel like I am on the verge of personal harm and that nothing can save me.


Gently I bring myself back. Let’s stop this leaving home with my emotions and focus on the here and now. I am here now, and I am safe. I can connect with a source of love, receive and share that love.

Knowing how to stay home with my mind and emotions, as well as my physical body can be a path towards inner wholeness. Inner wholeness results in an inner sense of well-being that permeates our outer consciousness and opens our awareness to all that is good.

What is the lesson of staying home?

I have discovered that staying home in all of my four lower bodies is key to experiencing a consciousness that is filled with goodness, love and a desire to fulfill my reason for being. There was a time when staying home resulted in my feeling, thinking and experiencing parts of me that I was trying to avoid. These past few months have led me to find new ways of connecting, and I deepened my relationship with my loved ones by staying home physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually. I discovered and made friends with parts of myself that I came to really like.
You too can find good parts of yourself if you stay home mentally, emotionally, spiritually, as well as physically.


If you want help finding peace in staying home in all ways, contact me and let’s get started on you finding your own inner path to wholeness – which may be the most important mountain to climb in each of our lives.


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