Four Horses for Wholeness

As we learn to understand and heal the pain of past and current traumas that are often buried deep within us, we become free to express our true self and live life to the fullest.

The Path to Wholeness Retreat

A 4-day, 3-night enlightening retreat 

Hosted by Hertha Lund, graduate of the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method® and founder of Four Horses for Wholeness, this life-changing retreat is for anyone who desires to live with more wholeheartedlyfreedom of soul. 

Limited to 8 individuals. Reserve your spot at one of our 2024 retreats! Call 406-282-4002.

3 Spots Remaining: July 11 – 14
FULL: July 25 – 28
August 15 – 18
September 12 – 15

Personal Healing: A foundation for a revolution for wholeness.

As the pain that we often hold locked in our hearts and bodies is released, we gain confidence in ourselves and our abilities. We are likely to experience healing in many levels of our being, muster the courage to open our hearts and to express the love and creativity that we always felt within us. We become happier and the pain that seemed insurmountable loses its grip on us.

“As I went through my EGCM® sessions to heal the effects of my own childhood traumas that dominated my life and my health for a long time, I discovered that this path gave me a new way to work with my own emotions and thoughts, and that these no longer dictated my reactions and responses to people and to ‘life.’ I also realized that what I experienced and learned continues to expand beyond the sessions and I believe this will happen to you too.”

Hertha Lund | Certified Equine Gestaltist




I believe that a horse’s love flows through our defenses to help us find our true selves within our own hearts.

— Hertha Lund

Why Four Horses?

Each of us has ‘four bodies.’ A mental body (our mind, brain, consciousness); an emotional body (our “gut” feelings); a spiritual body (centered in our hearts and minds); and the physical body.

When we are healthy and live a well-balanced life, these four components of our being, our ‘four bodies,’ work well and in harmony with each other and we experience well-being and balance in our lives.

At the ranch, you will get to meet my four horses which to me each exemplify the characteristics of one of these bodies in their nature.

Equine Gestalt

“Equine Gestalt®, founded by Melisa Pearce of Touched by a Horse, is a type of coaching that helps clients bring to their awareness emotional blockages and unfinished business that may be holding them back in their lives. The personal work the Equine Gestalt Coaches guide their clients through is “in the moment”, deeply tied to somatics (body responses) and experiential in nature.”

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