Observation Through the Eyes of A Horse

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Buddy's Eyes

This morning I arrived early to gather our cows, so I decided to soak in the moment with Ruby, my ranch mare. Ruby and I stood on a high hill where we could view the world around us fully.

Smells of damp dirt, the aftermath of rain, and spring in Montana filled our noses.

Ruby stood there very quietly, which is rare for her since she prefers to be on the move working. My consciousness and being was flitting around. It was amazing I stayed in the saddle since I was so lacking in being present.

Then, I decided to pay attention to Ruby; after all I was sitting on her back. She was standing there like a statue, but fully present. I saw her curling her neck from one side to the other viewing the beautiful panorama. So, I decided to follow her lead and see if I could notice what she was witnessing.


What an experience to meditate high on the hill with Ruby. Together, we observed the canadian geese flying overhead and honking. Then, we slowly moved our gaze the other way and just observed clouds moving. We could feel a bit of breeze. It felt like being kissed by nature, not a hard wind.

The longer I viewed the world around me with Ruby, the stiller I became inside and the more present I felt in my body. We had an interval on the hill when we were together in consciousness. I still feel the blessing hours later from taking time to view the world with her.

This experience taught me many lessons, some that I am still unpacking inside. All the major spiritual paths discuss developing an observing mind, a higher consciousness, a Christ mind, or something similar. In the past, I thought I understood this because I read it and thought about it. However, Ruby taught me that until I observe the world around me while being still and fully in my body, I really have not experienced true observation.

She taught me that she could see for miles and also feel that far to check for danger. Horses are flight animals and depend on their ability to sense danger and flee for survival. Yet, today Ruby did not sense any danger. She was happy to sit up there and just soak in all the life that was happening around her.

After my time with Ruby that seemed like the eternal now, I started pondering.

What if I observed my life, inner and outer, as I experienced Ruby observing life around us?

What if I were able to be serene, present and could trust my senses on whether to react to what was happening?

You too can experience life from a higher place and trust that all is well and that you will know the right next step, just like I experienced with Ruby today.


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