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Why Horses?

Horses are kind, wise creatures who are keenly tuned in to what humans feel. They want us to be present and grounded, which means we feel comfortable and unfearful when we are with them.

If we are hurting and feeling pain, fear or confusion and are congruent with those feelings horses often stand by us, radiating their peace and nonjudgmental nature, which seems to be just what we need then.

Because they live in the present, which we often avoid doing when we struggle with our unresolved feelings and thoughts, their presence assists us to do the same. A horse’s unconditional love creates a bond, a kinship with us during the sessions, which we feel tangibly, even if we have had no previous experience with horses.

Meet Mystic

Mystic is a young Gypsy and Shire crossbred mare. She found me at an Amish auction when she was three. Mystic would tell you, “Hertha thought she was going to the auction to buy another horse, but as soon as she saw me, she fell in love with me and I have had her heart ever since.” I would tell you that just being around Mystic makes my heart expand and puts a smile on my face.

I ride Mystic for dressage and trail riding. Mystic’s comforting presence helps people open their hearts and feel supported as they work through their obstacles to living fully. She is a happy, prankster horse that loves being around people.

Mystic symbolizes the physical body. Almost sixteen hands tall, she is a beautiful Gypsy draft horse with a large, strong body. Even though she is big, she moves with elegance and confidence.

Meet Ruby

Ruby is a Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse cross mare. My sister found her at the neighbors, and I rescued her from a life of being just a trail horse, which was the bane of her existence because Ruby likes to work. She loves chasing cows. She can turn back a cow, jump through the sage bush and miss the badger holes, all at the same time.

When Ruby first coached, she realized she had a special gift and was amazed that she could help people heal. She brings her lead mare personality of taking care of the herd into her coaching work.

In my inner being, Ruby symbolizes the emotional body. She is sensitive, a little hot blooded, sometimes throws short, intense tantrums, and loves to keep moving forward. Ruby can be extremely compassionate and is more than willing to be still and stay with someone who is courageously facing their inner pain.

Meet Captain

Captain, a purebred Morgan gelding, is currently the anchor horse of ranch work. He is a dark brown bay with a very keen head and exquisitely shaped ears. He is physically strong and a good mover. He is very sensitive, and after a few sessions coaching, he has stepped into his own with very kind support, nudging his client forward on their path.

I see Captain as symbolizing the mental body. Just like us, he sometimes lacks confidence, even though he is strong and beautiful. To compensate, he pushes himself forward in a way that sometimes the other horses and I do not really appreciate. The more he feels confident in himself, the more he radiates his true inner, sensitive beauty.

Meet Monk

Monk is the Fabio of the horse world. He is gorgeous and cute at the same time. He is only around fourteen hands. He does not like short jokes and believes that he can do anything that any of the taller horses can do. He has a largess of spirit, heart and character that is rare.

He is Gypsy Vanner and Quarter Horse cross. Monk is just learning how to be a coaching partner and is very sensitive and sweet in all his interactions with people.

He symbolizes the spiritual body with his can-do spirit and big motor. There is nothing that Monk cannot do. He is fiery and extremely gentle at the same time.

Meet the Ranch Dogs,

Chewie and Rose

Chewie is a bundle of joy, intent and purpose. She is a Blue Heeler/Jack Russel terrier mix. Her greatest love is to work moving cows and hunting gophers. She is a very kind, sensitive dog and one of the smartest dogs I have ever known.

Recently, we also acquired Rose, who is also a cow dog mix. Rose is spunky and keeps all of us on our toes.

Four Horses Ranch Dogs

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