Integrity: Key to Compassion and Wholeness

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Sometimes when we think of integrity, we may only think of telling the truth or standing by our inner direction. Integrity is that and much more. Integrity with life, with how other people feel, and with our own inner connection with spirituality is the foundation for wholeness.

To reach the goal of wholeness or in other words integration and union with our divine source, we need integration. So, integration with all of life is a worthy goal. Quality of life, then, starts with our own self-respect and personal integrity. It seems there can be no integrity without self-respect.

How do we get self-respect? Self-respect, like any respect, is earned day by day through our actions. Do we honor our inner direction, values, and principles? Do we have courage of our convictions? Do we honor ourselves and others by action with love?

There are many understandings of what love is. I just read the following one by Nisargadatta Mahara:

“The consciousness in you and the consciousness in me, apparently two, really one, seek unity and this is love.”

Maybe as each of us integrate with our own internal divine source, then we cannot fail to draw nigh unto each other and create true community. Maybe this is how we would collectively end the polarity we currently see in politics, world events, and almost all avenues of life.

It is possible that the path to solving outer problems is to first resolve each of our inner paths to wholeness.

Let’s ponder what would come to pass if more of us exercise some spiritual control over ourselves and live in virtue and integrity. It seems that our individual integrity helps to create a universal sense of integration whereby each soul finds unity with the divine. So, oneness inside with the divine is oneness with all others who have also climbed that immortal internal staircase to wholeness and communion with spirit.

No matter what our religion or the lack thereof, the path to integration and union with spirit, is open to all true seekers of wholeness. It has been said there are many churches, many schools, and healing paths, and it is each souls’ divine right to choose her path forward to find and fulfill that souls’ greatest need of the hour to pursue wholeness. It is each of our souls’ choice to discern the area within us that is vibrating at the lowest frequency and to pursue our options to discover how that part of us can be healed and raised in the light.

There is no doubt that to discover true healing we each need “grit.” Even the word “grit” is included in the word “integrity.” It certainly requires spunk to follow an internal path to wholeness. I remember when I was in the hospital and I realized I could die. As I was talking to God, and close to leaving my body for other spheres, I realized that it was not my time, that I had not yet accomplished my reason for being. So, I asked for the opportunity to continue on and I promised I would do whatever it took to become whole.

Now that promise and my internal dedication to integrity and honor have been the “grit” or fuel for years of deep healing. This process was much harder than law school and developing a successful small business. It was much harder than striving and achieving state championships in several sporting events. It took all my “grit” and understanding about being determined to follow through on pursuing wholeness and addressing my niches of un-wholeness or those areas inside that lacked integration with the divine. The path is ongoing, and I have much more understanding and integration to attain; however, at this point I can say that I have profound gratitude for my near-death experience and for having made the choice to live and pursue wholeness.

I now know that integrity is a spiritual gift that we can all share with each other to create a community of consciousness that is unified and truly embodying love. I also believe with all my heart that if each of us is dedicated to expanding our integration with our true divine identity and we do that as a means to become better servants to all life with compassion, that we can create a community of divine consciousness on earth.


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