I Sometimes Struggle to Hear the Voice of Silence When Assailed by the Noise of the Outer World

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Today, I woke up and chose not to read the news, Facebook, or anything besides something more spiritual. It is true that I want to keep up and be aware of all that is going on with the pandemic, the economy, and with my friends. It is true I want to continue to grow myself, my businesses, and my relationships.

I sometimes get lost in the outer noise.

Just this morning, our neighbors, the robins, that moved in on our deck were being very noisy. They were making a nest and preparing to lay eggs and hatch babies. In some ways, very cool. In other ways, not so cool. They were noisy. They seemed to sleep and arise at different hours than my schedule.

I could view these new neighbors as very good or very bad.

What if the robins just keep me awake longer than I want and just make a mess on our deck?

That could be interpreted as a problem.

What if I view the robins as a gift to be able to watch them struggle to set up house under the roof on our deck and bring forth new life?

That could be interpreted as a blessing.

As I was pondering this polarity in how I could choose to experience my new neighbors– the robins, I came across this YouTube video of a man playing the “Sound of Silence” on an 18-string harp guitar.


Hearing, really hearing the sound of silence deep in my heart and throughout my being helped me to find my bedrock. Anchoring deep within and listening to the sound of silence refocused every part of me, every cell and atom, to understanding what is important.


What is the lesson in this? 

I, you, we all have a home, a place where we connect with something greater than ourselves that we can access at any time. We can all find the voice of silence and relish in that profound yet peaceful awareness that, like nature around us, like the birds, we are part of creation and a plan greater
than us.

We can establish a home of contact through our hearts that is a safe harbor for any of life’s challenges. Together, let us start a revolution for wholeness that starts at home inside us, and from that foundation let us transform the outer world to be the place we dream of.


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