Private Equine Gestalt Coaching Session

Experience the healing presence of horses that partner with an Equine Gestalt Coach. Healing does not have to take years. You can experience, transform, and leave what no longer serves you in the round corral. You can leave behind your pain, your sorrow, and those things that block you from living with wholeness. My horses have huge, welcoming hearts and look forward to working with you. I would love to help you find freedom and a new feeling of wholeness as you move through and release trauma and pain and transform.

Phone Coaching

These phone sessions are for clients who wish to continue their path in between sessions with the horses. Phone sessions provide ongoing individual coaching, an accountability partner, and support in your path towards your life goals. Sessions are 30-45 minutes.

Group Sessions

Group sessions are for 8 or more people that meet every other week by ZOOM at the same time for 2 hours, for at least 8 weeks. This is a cost-efficient way to continue your healing and growth after doing private sessions. During the time we share together in groups most people experience healing and borrowed benefits using the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method. Currently our Group is focused on how to make the most inner transformation during outer turmoil and reading the book “A Path with Heart,” by Jack Kornfield.

Nine-Month Combined Phone Coaching And Session With A Horse

The nine-month combined sessions include 2 sessions per month for phone coaching at 30-45 minutes each and 1 equine gestalt coaching session per month.

Individual, Overnight Stay At The Cattle-Ranch Equine Gestalt Coaching Intensive

Intensives include a 1.5 hour session with a horse, a follow up session with Hertha and an overnight stay at the cute, comfortable bunkhouse on the Ranch.

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