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Navigating through life’s challenges, I always felt that I wasn’t here just to exist and do well in my outer life. Deep inside I felt I was here for a purpose, and I was always searching to find what that purpose was.

Moving through the normal course of education and everyday life, I did my best to understand and learn how to do well and be successful. I have pursued a spiritual path and have studied the mystical paths of the world’s religions for many years. I married a good man and launched my own successful law practice. But I still felt I was missing something. I was neither very healthy nor very happy. In fact, I was very unhealthy at many levels. I knew I was harboring unresolved issues from trauma I suffered early in life, but I tried to ignore those issues, hoping they would just go away. But they didn’t, and I don’t think unresolved issues ever disappear on their own.

The Change

In 2015, I had a near-death experience. I had severe inflammation that was systemic throughout my body and centered around my heart and lungs. At one point, while lying in a hospital bed, I had the experience of leaving my body and moving up. Part of me wanted to leave, but I knew I still had important work to do. I talked to God and promised that if he let me live, I would do everything possible to become whole, embody my real self, and fulfill my reason for being. I returned to my body, and after some days, I left the hospital.

Since that time, I have wholeheartedly pursued healing and wholeness in my inner and outer self. At times, it has been a hard path, but by moving forward even when it was hard, uncomfortable, sometimes terrifying, I have found more inner peace, joy, and love. I am so grateful for the wake-up call.

Four Horses for Wholeness Hertha Lund
Four Horses for Wholeness Hertha Lund

During healing journey, I experienced the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method®. Even as a small child, I loved horses, and I found solace and felt deeply connected to something greater than me when I was with horses. With my horses, I felt hope and the sense that there were possibilities beyond the trauma I had experienced in my life. The horses helped me open my heart and gave me courage to pursue the healing of my past traumas. In my practice, I have seen many others also experience profound healing as they connect with the horses.

In this work, I strive to provide a safe space and deep support for my clients to enable them to find the courage to explore the places inside them that they have often avoided because it was too painful and scary to go there. To my surprise, when I finally ventured to those places within myself, I discovered that they were actually portals leading to healing and that they contained valuable gifts to assist me in my journey. I found that the path to wholeness, which requires courage and is often painful, is well worth the inconvenience and pain. Now I feel free at many levels to live life true to my inner self and calling.

Today I live on a ranch in Montana with my husband John Grande, horses, cows, our cow dogs Chewie and Rose, and the barn cats. And I am eager to share the inner gems I discovered on my way with you.

Melissa, Illinois

“Hertha is a beautiful, wise coach. Working with her allowed me to leave a long limiting belief in the sand. Her presence, grace, and warmth were felt deep in my soul. I will forever be grateful to Hertha.”

R.M., Toronto

“Great job in giving me space to deeper and deeper into my inner child. I love your sensitivity.”

Betsy, Chicago

“You create such a safe presence, truly connecting heart to heart with your client.”

Shelly, Virginia

“Hertha has a calming, inviting approach that sets her client at ease quickly. She picks up on what is happening in her client’s body and helps the client to see it. I felt deeply listened to and heard by Hertha.”

Marcy, Wisconsin

“I learned so much about myself and who I am, why I am becuase of your wonderful guidance through a family sculpture. Your insightful questions helped open up so many doors that I had closed.”

Diane, Missoula, MT

"Hertha is a rare combination of both Strong -- and -- Sensitive, Competent -- and -- Vulnerable. If your have an opportunity to work with her (online groups, in-person retreats, etc.) don't miss it."

Jill, Iowa

"I recently opened a letter I wrote to myself at the end of Hertha's retreat. It instantly took me back to those moments bonding with horses, sharing meals, laughter and tears together with my fellow attendees. It was an experience I will not forget, and moved me further on my journey. Forever changed."

Dr. Amy Haynes

"I'm a big believer in cause and effect. After taking one of Hertha Lund's Four Horses for Wholeness retreats, good things started happening in my life. Several painful family relationships were resolved with open hearts and open hands, my medical practice shifted for the better and I fell in love with my husband again. I'll never underestimate the value of a spacious heart again. Thank you Hertha, Ruby, Mystic, Captain, and Monk."

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